Website and Server Monitoring service

Watches your website and monitors your servers 24/7.

Custom monitoring (disk space, server cpu, application heartbeats) upon request.

Service pricing starts at £2 per month!

Main Features

Website and Server Verification
We will check the availability of your website and server 24/7. If the website or server is not available our system will immediately send out notifications to your support team.

You are in full control of the checking parameters (checking interval, urls, email/sms lists).

Multiple servers in multiple locations for redundancy.

Free trial available.

Lowest prices - Current offer: £2 for 15 minute ping per month.

Email Notifications

If any issues are detected we will send an email to the list of email addresses specified by you.

SMS Notifications

Set up telephone numbers to receive instant sms notifications of issues. Your support staff are instantly notified and given a heads-up lead on the issue.

Getting started

Register a new account.

Set up a server to ping or a webpage to monitor.

Set up support personnel on the Contacts List.

Connect the monitored resource to a single or multiple contacts.

Sit back and relax knowing someone is watching your server and website 24/7. Any issues, we will inform you within minutes.

Free Setup Service:

If you prefer we can set up and configure your account for you. Just email us the host/webpages that you wish to monitor and we will send you back the account details when complete.